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Notes on Pillar Bedding
New Finishes for Guns
Use enough gun...
Notes on headspace.
Note on Chamber Reamers
Stainless Steel Actions...


Wildcatting the Savage 110/10 (part 1).
Wildcatting - 22/250AI Savage (part 2)
Wildcatting - 300 Whisper (later)
A 7.62 X 39 (AK) Switch Barrel
Home Made Action Holder
Home made chamber gage.
Weaver Base Peep Sight Adapter
Clip Magazine Adapter - Sav 110

Savage 110

Why a Savage SwitchBarrel?
Bolthead change Procedure
Pictures of Trigger Mechanism
Firing Pin Spring Change procedure
Savage Switchbarrel FAQ
Savage (old style) Trigger Adjustment
Savage Extractor Replacement


Why Remington?
Factory Trigger Adjustemnt


Why a Mauser?
What is a Turk Mauser?


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