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(NOTE: Nothing is for sale here at this time. Enjoy the articles, and be safe at all times. After any chambering or barrel work test fire remotely and inspect case. )

See here for an article on my first F-Class shoot.

·        Don’t buy a new rifle for that dream hunting trip – rebarrel your favorite deer rifle for the caliber you need. (See "Use Enough Gun".)
·        Improve accuracy with a new or refurb rifle barrel.
·        Change calibers at a fraction of the cost of a new gun.
·        Replace a rack full of factory rifles with one customized rifle with multiple barrels.
·        Experience the pride of ownership of a rifle you “built” yourself.

Specializing in bolt gun barrels for:


Savage FAQ.
Savage Barrels for Sale.
Savage Accessories for Sale.   
Bolt Head Change Procedure.
Firing Pin Spring Change Instr.
Extractor Change Procedure
Savage SwitchBarrel Kits.
Wildcatting the Savage 110/10.
SSS Trigger Install

Rem 700 Trigger Adjustment Procedure Mauser Barrels for sale.
Mauser Barrel Install services page.
What is a Turk Mauser?

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