(NOTE: Due to family illness, no orders for barrels, kits or other items can be taken at this time. Enjoy the articles, and check back soon for more info on barrels and other equipment specifically for F-Class shooting.)

See here for an article on my first F-Class shoot.

·        Don’t buy a new rifle for that dream hunting trip – rebarrel your favorite deer rifle for the caliber you need. (See "Use Enough Gun".)
·        Improve accuracy with a new or refurb rifle barrel.
·        Change calibers at a fraction of the cost of a new gun.
·        Replace a rack full of factory rifles with one customized rifle with multiple barrels.
·        Experience the pride of ownership of a rifle you “built” yourself.

Specializing in bolt gun barrels for:


Savage FAQ.
Savage Barrels for Sale.
Savage Accessories for Sale.   
Bolt Head Change Procedure.
Firing Pin Spring Change Instr.
Extractor Change Procedure
Savage SwitchBarrel Kits.
Wildcatting the Savage 110/10.
SSS Trigger Install

Rem 700 Trigger Adjustment Procedure Mauser Barrels for sale.
Mauser Barrel Install services page.
What is a Turk Mauser?

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