Savage 110 Extractor Replacement

Reason for Replacement

The Savage 110/10 extractor is made from sintered metal and slides back and forth as it snaps over cartridge rims when a round is chambered. The tip which engages the cartridge groove also slides in the groove as the bolt is opened and closed. Therefore it can and will wear over time. Also, the tip can be damaged if a round sticks for any reason. Factory replacement extractors are available form several sources on the internet - including, and

In the case illustrated below, the standard Savage extractor is replaced by a Sharp Shooter Supply "PPC" extractor. This extractor tip is slightly longer to reliabily grasp the slightly smaller "Russian" case head of PPC and 7.62X39 cartridges. As described elsewhere, I found that the standard Savage extractor would work with commercial (Winchester) ammo, but not surplus 7.62X39 ammo

Here is a comparison of a Std. Savage extractor and the PPC extractor:

The way the extractor works is that it slides in a groove in the bolt head. Underneath is is a blind hole with a spring that pushes up a small detent ball. (Looks like a ball bearing.) The detent ball keeps the extractor in place, while allowing it to move back and forth slightly. The trick in removing the extractor is to not let the detent ball fly away when you slide the extractor out of the groove..

Step 1 - Holt bolt or bolt head in (padded) vise:

Here is bolt in a rubber jawed "hobby vise".

Step 2 - Hold a punch against extractor, cover with fingers:

The punch is used to push the extractor towards the center of the bolt. The fingers catch the detent ball so it doesn't get lost. Later savages have a groove that goes the full length of the bolt lug. Mine is blind so that you can only slide the extractor towards the center of the bolt.

Step 3 - Push (or lightly tap punch) extractor out of slot.

Here the extractor is slid forward out of the groove. You can see the detent ball is still in place.

Step 4 - Slide new extractor into place (depress detent if necessary)

My new extractor just slid into place. (The SSS extractor is a machined piece - smother than the factory standard.) It may be necessary to depress the detent ball with the end of the punch on your bolt. Just be carefull not to let the detent ball get lost!

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