Use Enough Gun

For most of us, drawing a tag for something like a Moose, Elk or Caribou is a once in a lifetime experience. After paying for license fees, lodging, travel costs, and (usually) a guide you may not feel so lucky to have drawn a tag....

Added to these costs is the possible cost of a new gun suitable for quarry to be hunted. Of course, we have all read the writers dating back to Page and O'Connor extolling the virtues of the "all-around" calibers like the .270 Win and venerable 30-06 as sutiable for "any game in North Amercia". However, do you really want to handicap yourself on your hunt of a lifetime?

The above is a plot from the free program you can run from the Norma website. The program shows the following data for three premium factory cartridges - 2 in 7mm Remington Magnum and a 30-06 load for comparison. The program provides the following results at 250 yards:

These numbers speak for themselves. A 250 yard shot is not uncommon for elk,and most shots for caribou will be longer. Look at the energy figures for the premium 30-06 load - about the same as for a 30-30 at 50 yards. Who would consider a 30-30 suitable for an animal the will dress out to several hundred pounds! The comparison for the 300 Win Mag is even more dramatic. However, a gun in that caliber is a real kicker and is more than most can handle.

A switchbarrel in 7mm Mag is a real option. You get the performance you need but still get to go hunting with the same rifle you have been hunting deer with rather than with a new unproven rifle. It is especially economical if you hunt with a Savage - you can just change the bolt head rather than get a whole new bolt to match the magnum cartridge head.

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