All models are "short chambered" requiring a finish reamer and GO/NO GO headspace gages for installation. For our low cost installation service click here.

Adams & Bennet 7X57, 7/08, 25-06 or 257 Roberts Barrels 24" F34- Installed.

Barrel blanks in 257 and 7mm are in hand ready to be installed on your Mauser LR or SR action. Send uds your shot out or military Mauser and the barrel will be removed the new barrel fitted, chambered, crowned and test fired.

We also have reamers for 225 win, 22-250, 22/250AI 6mm rem,6mm-284,.243,.250-3000,.257 roberts,.257AI, 25-06, 6.5-55, 6.5-284, 6.5-06 imp..270, 7mm-08,7x57,.280 imp .308, .30-06, .338-284, .35 whelen and can do barrels for the same price, it will just take longer as the barrels will have to be ordered.

Price will be $150 plus actual shipping back to you (from Grants Pass, OR). Email for information on where to ship your rifle or action to.

Adams &Bennet F34 (Medium Contour) .35 Whelen Chrom-Moly 24" (NEW in Box)

Stock Number: LR001


Turk Mauser 98 (SR) .308 Refurb