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Tools/Parts for caliber conversions and barrel swaps.

Savage (Used) 7mm Rem Magnum Barrel with Magnum Bolt Head

Markings: Savage Factory Roll Stamp
Finish: Matte
Thread Style: Factory (Locknut)
Contour – Sporter
Length- 24”
Crown: Factory
Muzzle Diameter: 11/32
Included Accessories: Complete (extractor and ejector installed) Magnum bolt head, a new Forster Magnum Field Gage, new Wheeler Engineering barrel nut wrench, used 30-06 NO-GO gage” (so you can set heaspace on original 25/06, 270 Win, 30/06 or 35 Whelen barrel).
Description: Here is a lightly used factory barrel in 7mm Remington Magnum with all the peices needed to install on your Savage long action. The Forster gage is used to verify the headspace set on a fired case. The used 30-06 gage is needed for when you reinstall your old barrel. (Use a fired case to set headspace - the NO-GO gage is provided as an extra check.) The magnum bolt head requires a small head pin and 3/64nch shaft firing pin. See for the procedure to change boltheads.
Stock Number: SavKit_7mmMag.

Price: SOLD

Magnum Caliber Change Kit

Tools and parts needed to change a standard (30/06, 270 Win, etc.) long action (110, 111,112,116) for standard belted magnum (7mm Reg Mag, 300 Win, etc.) calibers. Includes a NOGO headspace gage, barrel nut wrench and a complete (extractor and ejector installed) bolt head.

The bolt head will work with all recent Savage bolts, but may require modification for use with older models. Modification entails drilling firing pin hole partially thorugh to 3/16ths. Can be done with a hand drill.

223 Caliber Change Kit

Tools and parts needed to change a standard or magnum bolt to work with 223 case head calibers (223 Rem, 222 Rem, 300 Whisper, 6X45mm, etc.) Includes a 223 NOGO headspace gage, barrel nut wrench and a bolt head with extractor installed. An ejector is not installed as it is assumed most shooters will be single loading rather than try to make magazine modifications.

Will work with all bolts.



PPC Extractor for Standard Bolt Head (Sharp Shooter Supply)

This extractor has a few hundreths extra reach compared to the standard extractor. Allows cartridges with slightly smaller case heads to work with the standard Savage bolthead. This is intended to work with cartriges based on the 7.62 X 39 cartridge, including the "PPC" family of cartridges.

Sorry - sold!


Wheeler Engineering Barrel Nut Wrench:

Standard wrench for lossening barrel nut so barrel can be removed. The square holes accept a standard square drive breaker bar (usually not needed).

Price: With barrel $20 - no additional shipping.

Separate $22 plus shipping as follows:

Sorry - SOLD!


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