Tools for the Amateur Gunsmith

Wheeler Engineering Barrel Nut Wrench:

Standard wrench for lossening Savage 110/10/etc. barrel nut so barrel can be removed. The square holes accept a standard square drive breaker bar (usually not needed).

Price: With barrel $20 - no additional shipping.

sold out

Separate $22 plus shipping as follows:

sold out


257 Roberts Chamber Finish Reamer (JGS):
JGS finish reamer urchased new from Brownells. Used to chamber one (Chrome-Moly) barrel. This cartridge is a real darling among Mauser rifle afficionados. It is based on the 7mm Mauser case so will feed in just about all the mausers without having tomodify feed rails. The 257 feed fine through mystandard long action Savage as well.

I chambered one Savage barrel using this reamer. Worked fine, but because the 257 was used to chamber so many pre-98 Mausers, the facotry loads I tried were very anemic. I have been haivng good success with the 6mm Remington and will be trying the 6mmAI next, so I don't have time to work up hotter loads for the 257. Since I don't have a need for this reamer any more here it is:

Ream257 - $50.00



Manson Pecision 7.62X39 Finish Reamer:
Purchased new from brownells and used to finish two (Chrom-Moly) barrels. Lots of people have an interest in this caliber mainly because of the avaialability of cheap surplus ammo for plinking. I was manly interested in cast bullet shooting and was looking for a 30 round with reduced case capacity. Lately Ihave been plying arround with (I got a reamer and reloading dies) the 300/221 so this is surplus to my needs:

Rean7.62X39 - $50.00

sold out

243 Winchester Finish Chamber Reamer:
Bought this Hartford reamer on eBay for around $50 bucks. The seller claimed to "know nothing about this...". When it came it had a return address for some gunsmith business and while it had been well cared for it was really dull. Extended two chambers by hand and I had to press really hard to get it to cut at all. I sent it out in April of this year to Manson Precision and they sharpened it for $30 (receipt included) so that it cuts like new. Used it to cut one more chamber, but I am more interested in the 6mm Remington as it hits harder and feeds better from my Long Action Savage 110, so here it its:



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