Mauser Barrel Installation Services
For More Information Contact Mark Skaggs at his site

We have used Mark Skaggs for barrel work and he can install one of our barrels (or yours) on your Turk or other Mauser Action (or one of your barrels ) for a fee that can be cheaper than if you do it your self. For an honest cost comparison see below.

Mark now has is own website Mark Skaggs Gunsmitthing.

Honest cost comparison for a do-it yourself isntallation:
$25 Reamer Rental (Minimum for 3 day rental).
$9 Headspace Gage rental (WIth reamer rental)
$6 Express Mail Insured Postage on Reamer for return.
$3 Small bottle cutting Oil (Do-Drill, Tap Magic or similar)
Total cost: $43

And the above assumes you already have a reamer holder (can use socket extension) and other necessary tools!


For other Mauser information see this site.