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Wilson Arms Custom Barrels:
These match grade, lapped, button rifled air gaged to .0001 inch barrels are availabe as pre-threaded chambered barrels or wildcatters - threaded but not chambered. In the white.

Factory Used and Refurbished barrels are here:


Factory Barrels:

Medium Sporter 22/250 SS
Medium Sporter 243 and Light Varmint 243 (Refurbs)
Light Sporter 308 Refurb
Light 270 Sporter (Refurb)
Shilen 223 Medium Sporter
Medium 223 Sporter
Douglas 6mm Rem Med. 22"
7MM Rem Magnum Refurbs

Plinker 7.62 X 39 Rem Rethreads

Wildcatter: 224 Bore

Special Thread (locknut): Turk (SR) Rethreads:


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